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Saddle Up Into the Wild, Wired West While Watching the New Westworld Trailer

While we all wait for more Game of Thrones, HBO is hoping to sate our thirst for violence and sex with Westworld. The long-delayed, very expensive series is about a Wild West–themed, very grown-up theme park just don’t call it that, or Anthony Hopkins will get very stern with you populated by pleasure-fulfilling androids. (Because there’s nothing sexier than visiting a town with no modern plumbing in the middle of a hot, dusty desert. Mmmmm.) Also, the robots might be self-aware and/or out to kill humans, if the trailers HBO has released are any indication. The series stars Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, James Marsden, and Thandie Newton — only some of whom are playing actual humans — and it will premiere on October 2.

Watch All of the Trailers for HBO’s Westworld