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The Trailer for Dirty 30 Definitely Stays True to Its Name

Thirty is the new 20 (or is it 40 is the new 30?), especially if you have an epic rager of a birthday party thrown by your two best friends. And that’s exactly what we find with the trailer for Dirty 30  starring YouTube darlings Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart — which follows three lifelong friends stuck in a rut for various reasons, with two of them vowing to throw a memorable party for the new tricenarian. Why, of course that party’s destined to get out of control! Look at those trees being haphazardly TP’d with toilet paper! The poor cake never stood a chance from its imminent destruction! Dirty 30 will be in theaters (and some digital outlets) on September 23.

Watch the Trailer for Helbig, Hart’s Dirty 30