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Lionsgate and Hulu’s Joshy Follows the Fate of a Bachelor Party That’s Hopefully a Lot Sadder Than Yours Was

What would be worse than a bachelor party with no wedding? You and your buds contracting a staph infection from the hotel hot tub? You and your buds catching a staph infection from the buffet at the strip club? A balcony collapse? Adam Pally, Thomas Middleditch, and Nick Kroll star in Joshy alongside Aubrey Plaza and Jenny Slate as bachelors who bravely party forward in the wake of a tragically canceled wedding. The Lionsgate movie, Hulu’s first film acquisition, premieres August 12 in theaters before heading to Hulu this winter, and honestly looks like a fun flick to watch with your closest male friends if and when something horrible happens to your fiancée.

Watch the Trailer for Hulu’s Joshy