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Marco Polo Season Two Trailer: Bigger, Badder, Still Not About Closing Your Eyes and Chasing People in Pools

Wouldn’t it be cozy to live in the world of Marco Polo? Just look at those sumptuous fabrics, that gorgeous lighting — oh, wait, oh no! The horses are on fire! The kingdom is under attack! Get us out of here! Season two of Netflix’s big, expensive historical drama finds Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy) joining Kublai Khan’s (Benedict Wong) order of the Mongol knights. Hooray, peace on 13th-century Earth! Except then Milck’s Lorde-esque “Devil Devil” cranks up on the soundtrack, and yup, those happy feelings aren’t going to last. Season two of Marco Polo premieres July 1.

Watch the Trailer for Marco Polo Season Two