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The New Trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil Will Permanently Ruin Spooky Sleepover Activities for Teens Across the Country

Despite the amusement that comes from the idea of a séance scam business — you scare those people senseless into giving you money, ladies! — Ouija: Origin of Evil Official is bringing anything but the giggles. A prequel to the successful 2014 film Ouija, the film opens in 1965 Los Angeles as a widowed mother and her two daughters operate their clever scam out of their home, only for a mercilessly evil and scary spirit to awaken and overtake the youngest daughter. If the film’s newest trailer conveys one message, it’s that you’ll never want to look at that damn spirit board ever again. Starring Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, and Lulu Wilson, the horror extravaganza will paranormally ascend into theaters on October 21 — just in time for Halloween. Watch the new trailer above and, if you’re a glutton for ghouls, the first one below.

Watch the New Trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil