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New Stranger Things Trailer: Oh Lord, Just When You Think Things Have Gotten Strange Enough

“That’s not Will.” As if being a kid wasn’t hard enough, what with the math tests and the puberty and the internet not being invented yet, now the children of Netflix’s Stranger Things have to grapple with the disappearance of a friend … and the return of whoever it is that wears his face. While the first trailer for the ’80s throwback Winona Ryder vehicle had a distinctly supernatural horror vibe, the show’s second trailer is pure E.T.–style adventure wonderment. That seems hopeful, right? E.T. wasn’t hungry for blood, right? If he was, he was a real gentleman about it. Stranger Things is written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer (Wayward Pines), who are also executive producing alongside Dan Cohen and Shawn Levy. Levy will direct a few episodes as well. The first season is out on July 15.

Watch the New Trailer for Stranger Things