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Party Legends Trailer: Let T.J. Miller, Fred Armisen, and Margaret Cho Tell You About Their Epic Nights

Oh, if these red Solo cups could talk. Viceland’s new show, Party Legends, will seek to unpeel the mystery of what happens when the party moves to the after-party, and then the hotel lobby. Party Legends features celebrities like T.J. Miller, Fred Armisen, Margaret Cho, Estelle, Alia Shawcat, Dennis Rodman, Earl Sweatshirt, and many others recounting their most epic party stories, with filmmaker Lance Bangs setting their words to animation by Starburns Industries (the people who bring you Rick & Morty). Party Legends will premiere on July 7 at 10:30 p.m. on Viceland and will air for six episodes. It’s going to be epic, bruh.

Watch Viceland’s Party Legends Trailer