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Hear Weird Al’s Full Range of ‘Polka Medley’ in One Convenient 15-Album Set

Fans of Weird Al Yankovic are smelling nirvana: Not only is the parody-making cult favorite turned chart-topping Comedy Bang Bang bandleader currently on a worldwide tour, but he also announced that he’s releasing a 15-album compilation, Squeeze Box, next year. The box set, designed to look like a replica of Yankovic’s accordion, will contain classics like his 1983 self-titled debut, 1999’s Running with Scissors, and the most recent Billboard-topping hit Mandatory Fun. The set, which will be made available on vinyl, CD, and digital, will also include rare tracks and a 100-page book that will hopefully offer insight into how his listeners can do more to “dare to be stupid,” be “white & nerdy,” and lose on “Jeopardy.”

Weird Al Is Releasing 15-Album Box Set