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Zac Efron Is in Talks to Do a Musical Again, Thank God

Zac Efron Visits
Get the man a top hat! Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Here and now, it’s time for a celebration: Zac Efron has finally figured it out. Per Variety, Efron is in talks to join Hugh Jackman’s long-gestating P.T. Barnum biopic The Greatest Showman on Earth. Jackman, the actual greatest showman on earth, will star as Barnum, while Efron might play some unnamed character who is not quite that great. Who cares who that is? What matters is that The Greatest Showman is a musical, and not to be partisan, but getting Zac Efron in a musical has been an official Vulture campaign since 2012. Maybe he’ll tap dance. Maybe he’ll sing again. Is it too much to ask him for some jazz hands? All will be forgiven, even That Awkward Moment! (Note: We Are Your Friends does not need forgiving, as it is dark and good.) Zac, this is your chance to soar! To fly! To break free!


Zac Efron Is in Talks for Jackman’s Barnum Movie