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50 Cent Settled His Bankruptcy Filing and Promptly Bragged About His Money


The dollar is finally starting to look half-full for 50 Cent after a rough couple of weeks getting fined for profanity and sued over “P.I.M.P.” The rapper has worked out a settlement in his highly controversial bankruptcy case, and it’s the kind that he naturally took to Instagram to gloat over. Per the arrangement, which was approved in court on Wednesday (50 Cent’s birthday), 50 Cent will have to pay $23.4 million over five years, an amount that adds up to between 74 and 92 percent of his various debts. To make it happen, he’ll pay $7.4 million upfront and an additional $2 million a year over the next five years. 50 Cent owes money to parties including Sleek Audio, SunTrust Bank, and Lastonia Leviston (50 Cent posted a sex tape of Leviston, who has a child with Rick Ross, as part of his feud with Ross). As has been his mood throughout the ordeal, the rapper was upbeat about the settlement to the Chapter 11 proceedings. He capped things off with a characteristic Instagram post, writing: “oh now I remember where I put that Money. LMAO.”

50 Cent Settles Bankruptcy Filing