Finally, a Movie About How Amy Adams and Isla Fisher Are the Exact Same Person

Two photos of Jenna Fischer. Photo: Getty Images

Okay, so there are a lot of things to like about Tom Ford’s second feature, Nocturnal Animals: It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, and it’s about Amy Adams reading a book (she’s good at that!). But most important, it stars both Isla Fisher and Amy Adams. Now, we know what you’re thinking, they are the same person. Tom Ford, a man with eyes, is right there with you. Nocturnal Animals is based on the novel Tony and Susan, which is about a married woman who receives her ex-husband’s manuscript in the mail and discovers that it’s a crime thriller that’s sort of about their relationship. Adams is the one reading the book (as we said, good at that!), and Fisher is the woman in the story-within-the-story, who “represents Amy’s character,” according to Ford. Also, not to make this a competition, but Fisher’s character is married to Gyllenhaal, while Adams is married to Armie Hammer — hey, at least she has great boots. We hope the movie makes its way into awards season, if only so it can spawn some really delicious category fraud. We assume someone’s going to divide the redheads, and Adams is the obvious choice to be campaigned as a lead. Can she win if her character is “reading a book for most of the film”? (To be fair, she has mastered that skill.)

Amy Adams Is in a Movie With Isla Fisher