Andrew W.K. Announces His 50-Stop Power of Partying Speaking Tour, Which, In Terms of Sheer Partying, Is Objectively Pretty Hard

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Musician/advice columnist Andrew W.K. has always sought to appeal to the party angels of our nature, as evidenced by both his unflaggingly optimistic worldview and his decision to launch his own political party, The Party Party, back in March. Now the “Get Wet” singer plans to bring his exceedingly pro-party message to the people by kicking off a 50-city speaking tour entitled The Power of Partying. “This is not a political party rally, it’s a rally about partying with the political elements set aside,” W.K. said in a statement. “This is my attempt to add something positive and unifying to the divisive atmosphere surrounding us in so many different forms.” For, truly, a house divided against itself cannot party.

Andrew W.K. Announces Partying Speaking Tour