Hey Millennials, Let Ben Schwartz Tell You How to Date Not Like a Total Idiot in His New Book

Somewhere between singing nonstop songs during guest appearances on Comedy Bang! Bang! and popping up in movies with other comedians, Ben Schwartz is taking on a new project: co-writing an illustrated guide to dating for Millennials. Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor is teaming up with his friend, television writer Laura Moses, for a book titled Things You Should Already Know, You Fucking Idiot. Though Schwartz is probably best known as loveable-scamp/mostly harmless douche Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Recreation, this is actually his fourth book. Previously, he and Amanda McNally penned such classics as Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News With Baby Animals; Maybe Your Leg Will Grow Back!: Looking on the Bright Side With Baby Animals; and Why Is Daddy in a Dress?: Asking Awkward Questions With Baby Animals. Presumably this book will feature less big-eyed small critters, unless one of its first points is “Things you should already know: People like staring at cute animals, you fucking idiot.”

Ben Schwartz Is Co-Writing a Dating Guide