Ben Schwartz to Co-Write a Dating Advice Book Called ‘Things You Should Already Know, You F–king Idiot’

Ben Schwartz and writer Laura Moses are teaming up to give millennials dating advice. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two are writing an illustrated guide to dating called Things You Should Already Know, You F–cking Idiot, which will be published by Hachette. A release date for the book has not yet been announced. Here’s Schwartz’s full announcement about the project:

Publishers Lunch has officially announced the new book I am co-writing with my talented/wonderful/hilarious friend Laura Moses for Hachette Books. It’s a dating guide for millennials titled “Things You Should Already Know, You Fucking Idiot”. I was trying to find a professional photo of Laura and I to post with the announcement but instead used this shot from when we went to the Hollywood Bowl to see The Simpsons. Here are the details from the book announcement this morning. Release date TBD. Humor Emmy Award-winning writer, actor, and comedian Ben Schwartz and TV writer Laura Moses’s THINGS YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW, YOU F*CKING IDIOT, a humorous illustrated guide to dating for millennials, to Lauren Hummel at Hachette Books, by Jud Laghi at the Jud Laghi Agency, in association with Haven Entertainment (World). CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OTHER THREE BOOKS I WROTE WITH THE AMAZING AMANDA MCCALL

Ben Schwartz to Co-Write a Dating Advice Book Called […]