Blink-182 Finally Took the No. 1 Album Away From Drake — What’s Our Age Again?

Nostalgia strikes again.

Quick, what year is it? While the world reclaimed its collective youth this weekend by catching Pokémon IRL, so, too, did Blink-182, but on the charts. For the first time in 15 years, Mark, Travis, and Not Tom have the No. 1 album in the country, which means for the first time in nine weeks, Drake doesn’t. It’s true: We’ve all tripped and fallen into a time portal straight to the early aughts. What’s my age again? 11? 26? Gah! Except if we were still acting like broke freshmen, it’s rather unlikely Blink-182 would’ve sold as much as they did. California — the band’s first album in five years, and first without Tom DeLonge — debuted with 186,000 album equivalents, 172,000 of which were pure sales, giving them the third-biggest sales week for a rock act this year (just behind David Bowie and Radiohead). Drake’s Views has now been bumped to No. 2, ending an auspicious run for a hip-hop album that’s only been bested by Vanilla Ice and M.C. Hammer. The last time Blink-182 were No. 1, Drake was still on Degrassi and we were all just young Pokémasters on our Gameboys at recess. Well, I guess this is growing up?

Blink-182 Finally Knocked Drake Off No. 1