Allow Brittany Howard and Jim James Covering ‘I Want It That Way’ for Chipotle to Make You Believe in Love in a Time of Corporate Greed

Ah, Chipotle: the place to go for all your guac, E. coli, and restored faith in humanity. Because while the Chipotle everyone’s now terrified to eat at may be a Mexican-food empire, they, too, remember what it was like at the bottom of the fast-food chain. And here’s another sappy animated short to prove it: Just a couple of kids two worlds apart, one with a lemonade stand and with an orange-juice stand, who forget their humble beginnings and inevitably become corporate enemies. It ain’t nothin’ but heartache selling preservatives and artificial flavors, they discover. Enter: the Backstreet Boys. Or, actually, Alabama Shakes’s Brittany Howard and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James covering “I Want It That Way” to remind this little Up-meets-Ratatouille world that food trucks are the way! No matter the distance, Chipotle just wants you to know that, deep down inside their burritos, true, locally sourced love is their one desire.

Brittany Howard, Jim James Sing BSB for Chipotle