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Bryan Cranston Describes His Trip to a Nudist Colony, Makes Us Long for a One-Man Show About the Experience

An empty stage. A single spotlight. Bryan Cranston alone with a microphone (is he nude? That’s up for debate). A single piano track. The one-man show begins. At least, that’s the pitch we wish Bryan Cranston was making when he stopped by Seth Meyers last night, where he discussed his recent trip to visit his uncle at a nudist colony, and practiced his impressions of everyone he met along the way. [Adopts the voice of a 1940s Broadway producer wearing a top hat and at least three monocles] “Bryan, I think we have a hit on our hands.” The only question: How many Tonys can you win from a single show? Can Cranston get one per nudist?

Bryan Cranston Went to a Nudist Colony