California Wildfire Destroys Sable Ranch, a Popular Western-Themed Movie and TV Set

Los Angeles Times
Photo: Francine Orr/Getty Images

Sable Ranch, a popular filming location, was lost to a massive sand fire that erupted north of Los Angeles Friday, engulfing 18 homes in Santa Clarita. The remote ranch, with its adobe Spanish-style buildings and horse stables, is nestled near the Angeles National Forest and was an ideal location for shooting Westerns. Its history in film can be traced to 1950’s Bells of Coronado, though the ranch also made appearances in movies as varied Motel Hell and Robin Hood: Men in Tights; on television, it can be seen in The A-Team and 24. The flames, which firefighters are still working to contain, have grown to consume more than 20,000 acres and have caused thousands to evacuate their homes. Authorities confirmed that at least one person died in the wildfire, though no one was killed at Sable Ranch.

California Wildfire Destroys a Popular Movie Set