Charlie Kaufman Candidly Reflects on Failure, Directing, and His Future

Indiewire posted a new interview today with Charlie Kaufman, and if you’re a fan of Kaufman’s work, it’s an absolute must-read. Kaufman is extremely open, candid, and at times downright pessimistic about the box office failures of Anomalisa and Synecdoche, New York, why directing his scripts is both important to him and a constant struggle, and why he feels like he “fucking blew it” in terms of his film career. Check out some great quotes from the piece below.

On failure and compromise:

One speculates a lot on one’s failures, but there’s not really a lot of reason to speculate, because the only reason to speculate about bad box office is to decide that you don’t want to do something that you believe in next time in order to make more money — that’s not a choice I’m willing to make.

On assholes:

People work with assholes. Nobody wants to work with an asshole, but if you’re a successful asshole then everybody will work with you.

On his legacy:

In terms of people looking back in 20 years, that doesn’t help me now, because I have to pay my mortgage. The truth is that I want the freedom not to have to worry about paychecks.

On the idea that he’s only hit away from “getting his cachet back”:

Hope springs eternal. But I tend towards depression.

Read the full interview over at Indiewire.

Charlie Kaufman Candidly Reflects on Failure, […]