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Lionsgate Cuts Out the Middleman, Will Make a Chinese-Language Now You See Me Spinoff

NOW YOU SEE MEJESSE EISENBERG stars in NOW YOU SEE ME.Ph: Barry Wetcher, SMPSP? 2013 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.
The original Now You See Me. Photo: Barry Wetcher/Summit Entertainment

China’s love for Now You See Me is a big reason why the 2013 magic caper wound up launching the most unlikely franchise in Hollywood, so now Lionsgate is taking the next logical step and expanding the NYSM cinematic universe with a Chinese-language spinoff. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio will partner with Beijing’s Leomus Pictures on the project, which will feature a predominantly Chinese cast. The recent Now You See Me 2 has grossed 50 percent more in China than it has in the U.S., and if every installment in the series after the forthcoming threequel is made solely for the Chinese market, it’s hard to imagine too many people in either country complaining.

Lionsgate Making Chinese Now You See Me Spinoff