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You Can’t Accuse Céline Dion of Failing to Commit for Jimmy Fallon’s Wheel of Musical Impressions

Um, is Céline Dion afraid of buttons? Dion stopped by Thursday’s Tonight Show for a round of Wheel of Musical Impressions, and things went great — for the most part. The singer devoted her full 120 percent to the game, going above (and sometimes beyond) for impressions of Cher, Rihanna, and Sia. It was all fun and neat and a little corny in a patently Céline Dion kinda way, but whatever! Let’s get back to the weird part: Every time it was Céline’s turn, she hesitated over pressing the button. One time, she even used a Michael Jackson voice to say, “I’m scared,” and another time, Jimmy Fallon did the deed for her, and she said, “Now you’re pressing for me. Thank you.” At no point in the segment does legendary singer and performer Céline Dion, she of the iron will, press a button sans apprehension. So … wanna bet what Céline Dion does not think cute things are as cute as?

Céline Dion Did Impressions of Rihanna, Sia