Comedy Central Renews ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’ Ahead of Its Series Premiere

Comedy Central just handed out a season 2 renewal to a show that hasn’t even premiered yet. The network announced at Comic-Con that its new animated show Legends of Chamberlain Heights has been renewed a month ahead of its debut on Wednesday, September 14th at 10:30pm. Ordered to series in May, the show is co-created by Simpsons animator Brad Abelson, The Life & Times of Tim’s Mike Clements, Michael Starrbury, and sports show producers Quinn Hawking and Josiah Johnson and centers on high school freshman Jamal, Grover, and Milk, three friends who “tackle life with some wins and some losses, but failure doesn’t faze them since they’re legends…even if it’s just in their own minds.” Check out a trailer for the series below:

Comedy Central Renews ‘Legends of Chamberlain Heights’ […]