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Enjoy Every Inch of Conan O’Brien’s Body in His Very Own New Superhero Suit for Comic-Con

No one knows the endgame for man’s near-compulsive drive to engineer more and more advanced technology, but it’s kind of fun that along the way we developed the ability to create a 3-D synthetic Conan O’Brien. The Conan host stopped by Ironhead Studios this week to get a custom-made look for Comic-Con, a key part of which involves putting on a nude leotard and allowing a robot to capture your every nook and cranny for all eternity. That information just exists now, for any Conan fan to take, if only you could get your hands on it. Maybe if you had a death ray and an army of minions … oh no, wait, yeah, this is how the whole supervillain thing gets started.

Conan Gets His Own Superhero Suit From Comic-Con