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Cypress Hill to Package Special 25th Anniversary Edition of Their Debut LP in Resin-Skull Sculptures

Cypress Hill In Concert - New York, New York
Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

When you’re celebrating your 25th anniversary as a famous grunge band, like Pearl Jam, you go on tour and play some deep cuts. When you’re hip-hop legends Cypress Hill, you give the fans what they really want: a tour and a reissue of your self-titled debut LP in totally bonkers packaging. Rolling Stone reports that “The 25th Anniversary Skull” special edition of the 1991 album comes in a black resin sculpture of the group’s skull logo. Owners of this limited-edition collector’s item (only 1,991 copies — get it? The original release year?) will find a copy of the critically acclaimed album in a remastered CD from inside the skull’s cranium, which is indeed “Insane in the Brain.”

Cypress Hill’s B-Real revealed where one can keep such a treasure: “If there’s Cypress fans out there that got, like, a Cypress Hill trophy case, keep it with all the memorabilia.” The set also includes a 100-plus-page book with pictures and interviews with the artists. Get that trophy case ready; it becomes available for pre-sale August 13.

Cypress Hill Reissues Debut LP in a Skull