Dana Carvey Visits ‘Great Minds with Dan Harmon’ as John F. Kennedy

Here’s the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s History series Great Minds, where he and Spencer bring back the perfect historical guest for the 4th of July: former US president John F. Kennedy (Dana Carvey). Unfortunately, an accident at the lab also creates a giant spider/JFK hybrid (“It’s an Irish Catholic spider…the ultimate reproducing machine”), but since JFK and the spider speak the same language, he’s able to stop the monster from attacking too many Great Minds crew members. Plus, he gives Harmon the inspiration he needs to start caring about the show again, whether it gets renewed or not: “You’re very slovenly. You’re not particularly attractive. Your energy’s low, you’re slumped forward, you look like people who never win. You don’t even seem to care. It’s a national disgrace!”

Dana Carvey Visits ‘Great Minds with Dan Harmon’ as […]