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Dax Shepard Loves Feeling Up Conan O’Brien’s Muscles and Would Like to Get a Wife Swap/Orgy Sitch Going

Dax Shepard wasn’t afraid to make things weird on Tuesday night’s Conan. Maybe Dax was inspired by meeting sex-positive talk-show host Amber Rose backstage, or maybe it was Conan O’Brien’s manly “protruding chest,” but Dax came onstage rearing to make an indecent proposal. Shepard felt up Conan’s cut body before the subject of swinging came up and he revealed his true intention for coming on the show: “I think it kind of could be a great way to break the ice, because it could be a joke, this is a comedy show. Remember that time I said I wanted to get you and our wives together on that comedy program of yours? I was just teasing … unless you think that’s a good idea.” Not ready to let this dream die, Shepard was quick to bring it up when Amber Rose took the second guest chair. He asked if she thought an orgy starring Shepard, O’Brien, Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell, and O’Brien’s wife Elizabeth Ann Powel was a good idea. Always a hero to the sexually adventurous — and the Dax/Conan fanfiction-writing community — Amber Rose gave her seal of approval.

Dax Shepard Proposes a Wife Swap With Conan