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Ellie Kemper Stars in an Ad for Fake Russian Gum, and Oh No, the Cravings Have Started, We Need It Now

Ellie Kemper just wants to get her kids in private school — the good kind, where they all get into the Ivy League, but also learn to love themselves as people. She’s signed on for a Russian gum commercial — the sort of thing Leo or Julia might do — with a big payday. But now, looking out across the glittering Moscow cityscape from her hotel room, she’s wondering if this all will make her happy. And what is happiness, anyway? “Just Like Honey” begins to play. (Dear Sofia Coppola, please accept our pitch for Lost in Translation 2: Russian Gum. We think the ennui cinematic universe has some real franchise potential. Good-bye.)

Ellie Kemper Makes a Fake Russian Gum Commercial