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Emily Deschanel, Fighting on the Side of Righteousness, Is Mad Bones Got Preempted by Trump and the RNC’s ‘Politics Shmolitics’

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Bones aired its season 11 finale Thursday night, with season 12 already announced as the pantheon-making procedural’s last. And so, each day that passes is a day that brings us excruciatingly closer to a world without Bones — all of which is to say, it’s about time Bones gets some respect. And yet, respect is just what Bones was callously denied when its season finale was preempted in certain West Coast, Mountain, and Pacific markets, thanks to Donald Trump’s speech running crazy long over at the Republic National Convention. Instead of seeing their beloved Bones from cold open to cliffhanger, affected viewers instead spent 40 minutes of the episode watching the RNC, only glimpsing Temperance Brennan, Seeley Booth, and company for a measly, context-deprived final act. Well, Emily Deschanel, who plays “Bones” on Bones, fighting with righteousness in her wings, was indignant. The actress tweeted her displeasure, writing: “Um….how is anyone gonna understand what is going on when you start an episode in the middle?! Nobody planned for Trump to speak so long?” After all, it’s one thing to be preempted for baseball, but for the RNC? Come on! Displaying truly unimpeachable priorities, Deschanel continued: “Politics shmolitics they should have just forgotten about the convention and shown !!

Emily Deschanel Is Mad Trump Preempted Bones