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Ezra Miller’s the Flash Will Appear in Suicide Squad

After appearing for — sigh — a flash in Batman v Superman, Ezra Miller’s take on the speedster will make its second DC cinematic universe appearance in Suicide Squad. According to Deadline, Miller’s scenes were filmed when the movie underwent reshoots. It’s still an unconfirmed mystery as to whether Ben Affleck’s Batman will stop by, as had also been speculated. There’s also no official word on the Flash’s role in the film, though Cinema Blend has the plausible theory that the Flash shows up to capture frequent comic-book nemesis Boomerang (Jai Courtney), explaining how Boomerang ends up in the squad. Hey, whether the Flash is in Suicide Squad for a second or an hour, it all feels like cameo time to him, right?

Ezra Miller’s Flash to Appear in Suicide Squad