Paul Feig Says He Has to Be ‘Coy’ About Whether Kate McKinnon Plays a Gay Character in Ghostbusters

Photo: Sony

All signs point to Kate McKinnon as the breakout star of Ghostbusters. Part of the appeal seems to be the lively sexuality of McKinnon’s character Holtzmann; Vulture’s

He then added, “You know, Kate is who she is and I love the relationship between Kate and Melissa’s characters. … I wasn’t like, ‘And now you should wink at them.’ This is stuff that is coming out of Kate! That’s why you connect with those characters. They’re playing versions of themselves.” Of course, the strong possibility that a female lead in a major summer movie is gay isn’t nothing — and just weeks after the massacre at an Orlando gay club, when someone hates “to be coy” about something, it would be ideal if they didn’t have to be.

Feig Won’t Say If McKinnon’s Gay in Ghostbusters