‘Futurama’ Gets the Live-Action Treatment with the Very Impressive Trailer for ‘Fan-O-Rama’

If the Simpsons porn parody is any indication, transforming Matt Groening’s cartoon worlds into live-action worlds yields incredibly bizarre and downright disturbing results. Add in some amazing cinematic talent and extra attention to detail and that’s also the case with the trailer released this week for a fan-made Futurama film called Fan-O-Rama, which was created by production company Cinema Relics and is lovingly and painstakingly accurate to the original animated series. We reached out to the team behind the trailer to ask about the full version, and here’s what they said:

The final project is actually a 20 minute film. As happens with this sort of thing, our ambition grew out of control and what started as something simple ballooned into a monstrosity. If we had unlimited funds, time, and the legal rights to fully realize everything, we’ve got enough script to make a 2-hour epic (plus a Broadway musical, a 7-day interpretive dance festival, and a silent radio adaptation.)

So in other words, these guys are diehard fans. Hopefully we get to see the full 20-minute film in the near future.

‘Futurama’ Gets the Live-Action Treatment with the […]