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Gal Gadot Explains Why Wonder Woman Needed a Female Director

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Photo: Karwai Tang/2016 Getty Images

When Wonder Woman was introduced in D.C. Comics the reader learned of a mythical ancient time, “In Amazonia, women ruled and all was well.” Here, in the very real future, when Wonder Woman finally has her own movie, the film’s star Gal Gadot believes that a woman ruling behind a camera makes for just as much success. “[The movie is] a story about a girl becoming a woman,” Gadot explained in a interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I think only a woman, who has been a girl, can be able to tell the story in the right way.” Gadot continued her assessment of director Patty Jenkins, “I’m lucky in that I’ve worked with men who have a lot of respect for women. But working with a woman is a different experience. It feels like the communication is different. We talk about emotions.”

Though Wonder Woman first appeared in comic books in 1941, the Amazon Princess has never before starred in her own movie.  “I feel like for so many boys, they have great role models to work with. They have Superman and Batman and Spider-Man,Gadot said, later adding, “I feel that I’ve got the opportunity to set a great role model for girls to look up to a strong, active, compassionate, loving, positive woman and I think it’s so important.” Gadot can catch us in her girl-empowering lasso of truth any day, but the movie comes out June 2, 2017.

Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman’s Female Director