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Documentary Now! Teaser: Helen Mirren Introduces The War Room Parody

With Hillary Clinton running as the official Democratic presidential nominee, now is the perfect time for Fred Armisen and Bill Hader to parody 1993’s inside look at the first Clinton presidential candidate’s campaign, The War Room. Of course, where the original doc revealed how James Carville and George Stephanopoulos handled various scandals and spun Clinton’s platform, Hader and Armisen in Documentary Now!’s “The Bunker” are oblivious to how the campaign message “This Sunday Is Governor Lester’s Birthday — Let’s Hope It’s His Last” might sound ominous. Hader, playing a Southern, Carville-inspired character, is more concerned about getting spooky children to sing on the ad than anything else. Helen Mirren, as the series host, introduces the spoof and brings the gravitas expected of her as a Dame of the British Empire and, more important, as a member of the Fast and Furious fam. The series returns to IFC September 14 at 10 p.m.

Helen Mirren Introduces Documentary Now! Teaser