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Idris Elba Will Reportedly Make Directorial Debut With Cocaine-Courier Drama Yardie

House Of Fraser British Academy Television Awards 2016 - Winners Room
Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/2016 Getty Images

In a classic good-news/bad-news arrangement, while there’s no sign that Idris Elba’s corporeal form will appear in Yardie, his patented brand of suave is set to waft through every frame. The heretofore actor/musician/DJ will reportedly make his directorial debut with an adaptation of Victor Headley’s novel, according to StudioCanal UK CEO Steve Perkins, courtesy of an interview with ScreenDaily. The book follows a cocaine courier going from Jamaica to London who decides to betray his employer and sell the product himself. Brock Norman Brock (a real person) is penning the script. No word yet on who will star (can it be Elba?) in the ’80s-set project (there is no sign that it will be Elba), but if Elba’s not going to be the next James Bond, at least it looks like he found some way to get his slick and sneaky on.

Idris Elba to Reportedly Make Directorial Debut