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IMDb Users Are Already Torpedoing the Yet-to-Be Released Ghostbusters With Bad Reviews

Photo: Sony

From the moment the project was announced, Ghostbusters has been plagued with its own set of ghouls. Now, those haters (of a movie they have not seen) have taken to IMDb to flood the movie (that has not yet been released) with negative reviews. ScreenCrush was first to point out that Ghostbusters has been mauled by bad user reviews, leaving it with a very harsh IMDb rating of 3.6/10. Of course, bad reviews in and of themselves don’t necessarily cry foul (critics themselves have only felt so-so about the reboot), but these bad IMDb ratings are coming predominantly, if not entirely, from people who have yet to see the soon-to-be released film. And per ScreenCrush’s analysis, it’s not that everybody is drubbing Ghostbusters with pretty low ratings, but, rather, that Ghostbusters is getting a fair number of mixed reviews and then a significant number of 1/10 votes. And, if you’re stuck on divining which group has primarily been casting the latter, it’s men aged 18-44. Just in case Lady Slimer was wondering where to aim some negative evaluations of her own.

IMDb Users Are Already Torpedoing Ghostbusters