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Jennifer Hudson to Allow Adam Sandler to Be Her Boyfriend in His Next Netflix Movie

Sure. Photo: Getty Images

And Hollywood’s attractiveness gap widens: In today’s totally plausible casting news, Jennifer Hudson has signed on to star as Adam Sandler’s love interest in his next Netflix movie, Sandy Wexler. It’s the third flick in Sandler’s apparently successful four-film deal with the streaming giant, which might explain this aspirational plot: Sandler plays the titular character, a Hollywood talent manager in the ‘90s, who falls in love with an aspiring singer (Hudson) whom he discovers at an amusement park, putting his “single-minded devotion” to the test. (Read: He wants to sleep with his client. Scandalous!) Well, who among us isn’t guilty of feeling ready to risk it all for JHud? Steven Brill, who directed Sandler’s last Netflix movie, will also direct Sandy Wexler. Three men — Sandler included — wrote the script, in case you’re wondering how Sandler keeps on finding stories in which impossibly stunning women (looking at you, Salma Hayek) give him the time of day.

Jennifer Hudson Joins Adam Sandler Netflix Movie