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Jerry Seinfeld’s Popularity Is a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside of a Bag of Airplane Peanuts, As Far As Jiminy Glick Is Concerned

Jiminy Glick was a real George Costanza on Tuesday’s Maya & Marty, poo-pooing all over the success of the blank-faced Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry tries to tell him what the deal behind his popularity is (it’s the airplane peanuts!), but Glick isn’t having any of Seinfeld’s minutia. “It’s unfair to the talented,” Glick says. Things were pretty antagonistic throughout, but, hey, it’s not like these two can’t get together on anything. Take Veep: That’s a great show! Maybe better than Seinfeld, though Glick would never go that far, since he’s never seen it. Enough foreplay! Let’s get these crazy kids in a car.

Jiminy Glick Doesn’t Get Jerry Seinfeld’s Fame