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God Bless Dick Wolf’s America: Joe Biden Is Coming to Law & Order: SVU

United States Vice President Joe Biden Visits Australia
Photo: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

Wars are fought on many fronts, and while the Democrats are busy using the DNC to bolster their cause in this reality, Vice-President Joe Biden has just made a move to secure Dick Wolf’s America. Sure, Donald Trump can have all of the theoretical Chicago Presidents Seth Meyers throws his way, but Biden is set to guest-star for real on Law & Order: SVU. Biden’s episode will involve the backlog of untested rape kits plaguing many American cities, an issue the veep has made central to his agenda. No word on Biden’s role, but, for those playing at home, it’s probably safe to assume that Biden’s not your guy. Somewhere, Leslie Knope just lunged for the DVR.

Joe Biden to Guest on Law & Order: SVU