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Yes, Lorelai Gilmore, John Oliver Totally Thinks You’re Hot

Make it happen. Photo: Getty Images, Netflix

Step aside, Luke, there’s a new man in Lorelai Gilmore’s dreams and he’s a sexy Brit. In the pop-culture-heavy first teaser for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, we were presented with two questions: Would Amy Schumer like Lorelai, and would John Oliver find Lorelai hot? Rory thinks not, but the people have spoken and once again she’s wrong about everything! Schumes jumped at the chance to let Lorelai know they’d be their own quirky squad. Not to be left out, John Oliver, too, responded to Lorelai’s query on last night’s Late Show. To quote Tim Kaine, Oliver absolutely finds Lorelai muuuy caliente!

Hey, we ship it.

John Oliver Totally Finds Lorelai Gilmore Hot