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Apparently a Very Effective Way to Get Jon Bon Jovi to Sing at Your Wedding Is to Trick Him by Inviting Him As a Guest

Jon Bon Jovi, the gullible, doe-eyed darling, was invited to a wedding in Miami last week. The singer — not a singer this time, just a guest, just a normal, regular guest this once — was probably excited for the weekend away. He probably got the bride and groom a blender, ordered the fish, and teared up when the father of the bride gave his toast. Little did Jon Bon Jovi know that jazz singer Lourdes Valentin had other plans for him, fating Bon Jovi to sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” at this wedding whether he wanted to or not. The video plays like a slow-motion five stages of grief infographic: There’s the denial when his glassy eyes go dim, the anger fomenting beneath his hollow smile, the desperate bargaining of his reciprocal finger-pointing, the downcast moment where weak, weary, he grabs for the microphone — but after that … it’s swell! Watch above.

Jon Bon Jovi Did a Surprise Wedding Performance