Jordan Klepper Investigates Trump’s Christianity at the RNC on ‘The Daily Show’

Here’s a great segment from last night’s Daily Show, where correspondent Jordan Klepper speaks to some religious Trump supporters at the RNC to find out why they think the Republican presidential candidate is a good Christian. Klepper also interviews Trump supporter and RNC speaker Pastor Mark Burns, who seems determined to point out how horrible and hypocritical Hillary Clinton is while making up any excuse possible when it comes to the many morally questionable things Trump has said and done. “He believes that marriage is between one man and one woman,” Burns says, to which Klepper adds, “…until a younger woman comes along?” Then when Burns tries to pin Hillary as a bad Christian for “allowing” her husband to cheat on her, Klepper asks him a question that he just can’t seem to wrap his head around: “So what’s worse: Hillary allowing Bill to cheat, or Donald Trump cheating?”

Jordan Klepper Investigates Trump’s Christianity at […]