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Justin Bieber’s Tour Shirt Is a Marilyn Manson T-Shirt, With Marilyn Manson’s Face and Name and Everything

Photo: Barneys

Justin Bieber strides confidently into his merchandising meeting with a wadded-up Marilyn Manson T-shirt in his hand. Smiling at his team, Justin unfurls the shirt and calmly explains, “I want this as my tour T-shirt.” Everyone nods. “Great, Justin. A shirt with a close-up shot of your face bordered by your name. Sounds perfect,” they reply. “No,” Justin Bieber shrieks, his eyes blazing. “I want. This. Exact. Shirt.” After what could only have been a days-long Zoolander-esque argument, Justin’s new shirt is now available as part of the Purpose Tour XO Barneys New York merchandise line. On the back of the shirt, it says “Bigger Than Satan” and then “Bieber” in a completely different font. If you still have a Marilyn Manson shirt from the ‘90s, you could technically just add “Bieber” to the back to customize it, and to celebrate the long, twisted journey you’ve taken as a Manson fan.

Justin Bieber Tour Sells Marilyn Manson T-Shirt