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Kanye West Stopped by a Drake Concert and Alluded to the Taylor Swift Phone Call: ‘I Am So Glad My Wife Has Snapchat’

So, you’re Kanye West, and your wife, Kim Kardashian West, has recently released Snapchat videos of your phone call with Taylor Swift, the whole of which seems to rebut much of her objections to your song, “Famous.” Sure, you’re in murky legal water, but you’ve been pretty handily vindicated in the court of public opinion. What do you do now? Low-key (not Loki) brag about it, duh. Kanye crashed a Drake concert in Chicago on Wednesday, and he didn’t let the appearance slide by without allusion to current events. He told the crowd: “All I gotta say is, I am so glad my wife has Snapchat, because now y’all can know the truth and can’t nobody talk shit about ’Ye no more.” Somewhere Taylor Swift opens the Notes app, closes it, and sighs.

Kanye Talked Taylor Phone Call at Drake Concert