Kate McKinnon Suited Up As Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Dish Out Ginsburns on MSNBC

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update team was reporting live from the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night, and they got a very special guest appearance from Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Or rather, from Kate McKinnon in the guise of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The notorious RBG appeared on the MSNBC broadcast to clear the air regarding her recent controversial comments about Donald Trump, but where IRL Ginsburg publicly apologized for calling the Republican Party’s nominee for president a “faker” and saying she might move to New Zealand if he wins the White House, fake Ginsburg told a very tan Colin Jost that “Trump picked a fight with the wrong 15-pound, 200-year-old marionette, baby!” And then, of course, she dished out a few new scorching hot Ginsburns.

Kate McKinnon Took Her RBG to MSNBC