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Keke Palmer Teaches You a Fun New Saying on Late Night, But the Gag Is You’re Going to Absolutely Humiliate Yourself With It in Front of the Kids

There’s nothing as old as trying to look young, and you’re going to look, like, a million years old out there trying to slip Keke Palmer’s adorable catchphrase into your social-media conversation. Palmer, whose enthusiasm is seemingly fueled by an internal nuclear reaction filled with youth and hope and vitality, tried to explain the use of the phrase “the gag” on Late Night last night, and for some reason Seth Meyers’s audience was not having it. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, referring to a joke or a bit as a gag dates back to the 19th century, and the gag is, that’s when all of us olds were born.

Keke Palmer Explains the Gag on Late Night