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Kristen Stewart Wants to See a Female James Bond and She’s Already Got the Trailer Planned Out in Her Head

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Kristen Stewart. Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Will Britain get a female James Bond to go with its new female prime ministerGillian Anderson, Emilia Clarke, and Priyanka Chopra have all lobbied publicly for the role, and now Kristen Stewart has added her own voice to the chorus of fans clamoring for a gender-flipped Bond. While talking to E! News on the Equals press tour, Stewart said that the tradition of middle-aged British men playing the iconic super-spy is “getting a little stale.” While not quite campaigning for the role herself, the American actress sketched out an idea for how a female Bond might go down. “You start off as the Bond girl and then you think it’s just the girlfriend and then you’re like, ‘She’s actually [Bond],’” Stewart brainstormed. “In the trailer, it’s him and then [a] bait and switch.” Upon hearing this pitch, Tom Hiddleston is said to have run screaming from the room, yelling something about “a huge mistake.”

Kristen Stewart Wants to See a Female James Bond