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Legendary Entertainment Will Fulfill Your Pokémon Go Big-Screen Dreams

A gamer and his Pikachu in Rome.

Breathe easy, Pokémon Go fans, because Legendary Entertainment has just acquired the film rights to develop your current all-consuming obsession into a big-screen spectacle centered around a new character called “Detective Pikachu”. And even though the augmented-reality game only recently exploded into the American consciousness, Legendary Entertainment, which is actually a division of the Chinese company Dalian Wanda Group, has reportedly been in talks with the Pokémon Co. for months, trying to land the property in a “top-secret auction.” Companies like Sony, Netflix, and Warner Bros. were also said to be aggressively pursuing Pokémon (just like the rest of us), but the studio that brought us Godzilla and Warcraft won out in the end. And because fads don’t last forever, Legendary is said to be fast-tracking production to start next year. Since the studio is already working on Godzilla vs. Kong, maybe one day we can look forward to Charmander vs. Mothra.

Legendary Acquires Film Rights for Pokémon Go