Leslie Jones Says She Isn’t Leaving Twitter Anytime Soon on ‘Late Night’

Leslie Jones should’ve had a great, carefree week celebrating Ghostbusters, but unfortunately it hasn’t been that fun. After constantly getting bombarded on Twitter with hateful, racist, misogynistic tweets, Jones decided enough was enough and began sharing the vile messages with her followers, which ultimately led to Twitter finally taking action against hate speech and bullying. “It’s like that’s my favorite restaurant,” she told Seth Meyers last night on Late Night while looking back on the whole experience. “I love the food there…three people just got shot in front of me. Y’all need to get some security!” Hopefully what Leslie has done will encourage Twitter to work harder to combat the kind of abuse she and countless others experience on a daily basis, and don’t even try to use the “freedom of speech” argument: “Hey, hate speech and freedom of speech – two different things.”

Leslie Jones Says She Isn’t Leaving Twitter Anytime […]