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Let Lewis Black Explode in a Spit-Flecked Rage About the Conventions So You Don’t Have To

Lewis Black has a new Broadway show about the 2016 election, and on Wednesday night he offered Stephen Colbert a free preview by screaming in his face about political conventions for six minutes. As you might expect, Black isn’t a fan. “You don’t yell for politicians!” he told his old Daily Show comrade. “That’s like a pep rally for a bowling team!” Still, amid the shouting, Black also proposes a new theory: What if this election, which sees the two least-liked nominees ever competing for the presidency, is a social experiment? “We’ve done it with people that we liked, and it hasn’t worked out.” If future elections turn into an anti-popularity contest, well, that’s got to be good news for Ted Cruz.

Lewis Black Rants About Political Conventions