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Liam Gallagher, For Some Reason, Can’t Stop Hurling ‘Potato’ Insults at His Brother Noel

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Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, as your Brit-rock-loving friends might’ve told you, aren’t really into the whole concept of “brotherly love.” Ever since Oasis disbanded in 2009, the duo has been very public about their mutual loathing for each other, with their insults and jabs becoming increasingly prevalent as of late. A gloriously strange nugget, though, has emerged from this feud: Liam has taken a special affinity to calling his former bandmate a “potato” on social media. Yup, a potato. That starchy, delicious crop. The silliness began back in May when David Holmes, a noted producer and electronic musician, said in an interview that Noel’s forthcoming solo album would be “fun” and people would be “surprised” by it. (Holmes is assisting in the album’s production.) Liam, unamused, called Holmes a “yes man” before firing off some grade-A Solanum tuberosum insults.

A month later Liam launched another attack, seemingly due to Noel joking in another interview that his brother’s potato insults were “so unlike him.” (“If you’re him, what else is there to tweet about? How his spring/summer collections are doing for his clothing firm?” he said. “Should he ever climb out of the ‘where are they now?’ basket and grant you an interview, ask him. I’m sure you’ll get a typically fucking surreal answer.”) This time, Liam didn’t even bother saving the image and went straight for the cell-phone screenshot.

And that brings us to today, when Liam came out swinging with not one, but two unprovoked potato attacks. Please note the “Noel Gallagher pics” Google search.

Maybe heed your own advice, Gallaghers, and don’t look back in anger.

Liam Gallagher Can’t Stop Calling Noel a Potato